Café A. Pushkin offers a modern Russian cuisine that follows time-tested traditions of the past and takes into account the current trends.

The café is located on the first floor of an old mansion situated right between the Old Town and the Kadriorg Park at Narva mnt. 36, Tallinn. It is rather convenient go visit our café after after walking in Kadriorg, or come to us from the Old Town, and we have free parking for your car in our yard.

Without false modesty, we argue that our menu has the most delicious pelmeni (Russian-style stuffed dumplings), pancakes, pies with various fillings and vareniki (Ukrainian-style stuffed dumplings) in Tallinn. Hit of all seasons  is our Boyar shtchi – a Russian soup with cabbage as the primary ingredient, served in a pot with a top crust with a glass of ice cold vodka.

Every day we have in the menu fresh pies with various fillings: potato and wild mushrooms, liver, cabbage, salmon, rice, onions and eggs, apples, carrots – everything is incredibly delicious! Our pelmeni and vareniki are totally homemade. Our menu consists of over 15 options of pelmeni stuffing: meat, chicken, wild mushrooms, salmon, etc. Vareniki comewith potatoes and wild mushrooms, cherries and sauerkraut.

Every year in the month of February, we host a Pelmeni Festival and develop a special menu that includes about ten unique fillings. Only during this Festival you can try such unique pelmeni and vareniki as: stuffed with cottage cheese and prunes; with pumpkin and meat; with sauerkraut; with buckwheat and wild mushrooms; with cottage cheese, zucchini and Grana Podano cheese; with cottage cheese and black currant; with turkey and bacon; with Bryndza cheese and lots of other stuffings.

The Festival is much sought after  by Tallinn folks, who visit us in big groups of friends and whole families. There is a special festival menu For children!

In February 2015 we shall host the jubilee Vth Pelmeni Festival.

We are happy to serve banquets and buffets to suit all tastes for all kinds of gatherings. We set out the tables on a grand scale, in typical Russian style. In such days, the tables groan under the food, snacks and drinks of all sorts.

We care about the health of customers, and we do not forget about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Our menu includes dietetic and vegetarian recipes. Soups and vegetables are cooked in a Zepter kitchenware. Zepter offers modern developments in the field of kitchen utensils and cooking systems without the use of water, salt and oil, thus, maintaining the maximum of nutritional value, taste and aroma of natural products, as well as vitamins and mineral components.

On Friday evenings and weekend nights, the famous young musicians of Tallinn are playing for the guests of the café.

Get together at Café Pushkin!